Making Your Way Through the Medical Maze of a Personal Injury

If you were injured in an automobile collision, you were most likely transported by ambulance to an Emergency Room (ER). Standard procedure in the ER involves quickly diagnosing your injuries, determining whether you are facing a life threatening condition and giving treatment as required. You may have been admitted to the hospital under the direct care of a hospital physician or discharged with appropriate referrals for follow-up care by other medical caregivers.

Even if you think you weren't injured it's best to have a thorough examination to document injuries that aren't yet causing symptoms. Symptoms may not appear for weeks or months after the accident. If no documentation has been done your insurance adjuster will challenge the validity of your case. Never settle quickly for token up front cash.

During your initial visit, your physician or Chiropractor should interview you thoroughly about the collision and your injuries. He should also review the ER records and X-rays, perform a full examination, provide appropriate diagnoses and prescribe treatment.

In many cases your chiropractor will refer you to another specialist for additional care. In all cases, take your examining physician's advice and recommendations seriously and act on them. When, six months later, the insurance adjuster casually asks you why you never went to physical therapy as prescribed by your doctor, you'll know then that you just blew a large part of your settlement claim. You also likely jeopardized your physical recovery.

At Fitzpatrick Chiropractic Clinic we promise quick, competent solutions to helping the PI attorney and the patient achieve maximum success in WINNING the PI patient's case. I will always run my practice under the highest ethics, but I will also do all I can to make sure a wronged victim gets their full justice. I will never compromise the integrity of a case, but I will always supply all necessary information in an easy to read and understand format that allows ease of use and settlement.

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